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The story of aloe

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A Little Of Everything is a space where you can learn more about Wellness, Beauty, Mental Health and Gardening, from your girl next door. We are three different people, on three different pages who are beyond excited to share this platform to support you advance and grow. 

At ALOE, we are not about preaching what you already know, instead we aim to explore and share the best of what we have learnt. We decided to focus on those aspects of life which are usually neglected due to our hustling lives. Along with this, we would love to shed light on areas like managing your finances and investing for beginners. 

We want to cater to all kinds of audience as we would love to see each one of you achieve and surround yourself with confidence.  

ALOE would like to wish you the best in life and to start your journey in pursuit of magic!

Thanks a lot for visiting and showing love,




Vrushali Mahajan, Media Professional, Toronto. 

Divya Ahire, Aspiring Psychologist, Pune.

Anushka Mahale, B.B.A student, Mumbai.

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