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A Beauty tool you've been sleeping on: face rollers

This beauty tool has been around for centuries but has seemed to have created quite a buzz in the beauty-skincare industry recently, and it's safe to say that the trend is here to stay! From celebrities and supermodels like Romee Strijd to every beauty guru and skincare obsessive out there, recommends using these facial rollers. On being suggested by a friend to add this facial rolling ritual to my skincare routine, I was as excited as the next person to invest in one of these little pink wands. But as aesthetically pleasing as this tool appears to be, is it really worth the hype?

This is How It Works

You have probably heard your dermat or your favourite celebrity rave about ‘lymphatic drainage’. The lymphatic system in our body, quite literally, is part of the circulatory system that helps the body get rid of toxins. Having a healthy lymphatic system boosts your immunity, all-round body and your skin’s health. A major lymphatic system is present in our face and the neck region, which if not drained physically can cause puffiness, swelling, fluid retention and tension in your muscles. This is where the facial roller comes into play! The long and rhythmic strokes of the facial roller, engages your lymphatic system into releasing the toxins that were stagnant in your skin tissues; making your skin look and feel more energised and bright!

What are the Benefits of Using a Face Roller?

The best part about using a Rose Quartz or a Jade facial roller has to be its INSTANT VISIBLE EFFECTS! Amongst its many benefits, I observed my skin tightening up within just a week of using this roller. Not only does it reduce the swelling on your face but also gives your face an instant glow, making it a must have tool to use before applying make up.

Ever since I’ve been using my Rose Quartz roller, it's like a spa treatment at home- just pair it with your favourite serum/face moisturiser to achieve that post-facial glow within minutes! Gliding these crystals across your face, also makes the product seep deeper into the skin, helping you get your money's worth out of that pricey bottle of serum.

A little work out for your face using a facial roller, can help you accentuate the bones around your face. Facial Rolling is also proven to have anti-ageing effects by visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The secret to a youthful, consistently smooth and radiant skin can be found by adding this facial rolling ritual to your skincare routine.

Jade or Rose Quartz?

Unlike me, if you don’t give a hoot about crystals and healing energies- scroll past this section.

Facial rollers are essentially available in two types- The Jade Roller and the Rose Quartz Roller. Which one’s best for you? And does the difference really matter?

Jade works best to bring inner peace and a sense of calmness, helping you stabilise your thoughts. The Jade stone is commonly used to eliminate negative energy and restore balance. Choose this if you wish to promote clearer thoughts, feelings, and insights.

Rose Quartz, stone of the heart, has a loving and pure energy. This stone is said to inspire a deeper sense of love and acceptance for yourself and others. The perfect option if you wish to have more self-love in your life.

Topically, both crystals give you the same results. But you can use this insight to help you pick between the earthy green or the dreamy pink roller.

How to Use

For best results, it's often suggested to use a facial roller with your favourite moisturiser, facial oil, serum or even post a sheet mask. I’ve been using Innisfree's Green Tea Seed Serum before using my facial roller every alternate night, and the results are surprisingly better than just applying the serum by itself. The product also helps the roller glide smoothly across your face and maximise the glow. You can store the facial roller in a refrigerator for increased de-puffing effects. Try doing this to de-puff under your eyes, the morning after you consumed all the excess wine you probably shouldn’t have!

What You Should Know!

At this point, I’d like to believe you’re convinced to purchase one of these little wands for yourself. So when you do, you might come across this product available at varied price points. Opting for a cheaper version may not get you the desired results. Cheaper alternatives are usually made out of dyed glass or plastics, which may cause more harm than good to your skin. Be wise and shop with brands that promise ethically sourced materials. The one I currently use is purchased from but this one at RAS Luxury Oils could be a good alternative too.

More than just sitting pretty on the counter top, a facial roller is the simplest yet very effective addition you can make to your skincare. Place it on your nightstand and use it before bed or while sipping your green tea/black coffee in the morning! As few as 5-7 strokes on each side of the face will guarantee your skin a healthy glow and a relaxing effect. It's been about 2 months I’ve been using one and the face roller is already a staple in my nightly skincare routine. TBH, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't own one!

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