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Green ways to upgrade your room

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Have you ever thought about how a houseplant could outperform any decorative piece in your room? If not, now is the time you think about getting a houseplant to spice up your interiors.

Plants in your room give it a vibrant, fresh and an alive look and it doesn’t matter what the theme of your room is, it goes well with all. Be it a Chic, Victorian, Industrial, Modern or Bohemian, the moment you add a growth in your room, it takes it to another level.

Botanical Rooms is a concept of adding elements of Botany to make it lively yet calm and soothing. If you feel you are not there yet to take care of these plants, doesn’t mean you can't get the look you want. There are many ways to project Botanical elements without having to put in much effort later. Let’s dive into them!

Pressed Greens:

Have you ever found a beautiful leaf on the ground and your day was just made? I am one of them, I love picking up flowers and leaves fallen on the ground. One of the effortless ways to preserve them is to press them and frame them. Easiest way to do that is to place them on a piece of paper, cover it with another and put heavy objects on it or you could also slide it under your mattress. After a week, it is ready to be framed. There you go, a touch of life in your room without you having to take care of it. Here are some examples of pressed greens.

Botanical accent wall:

We all love that one wall in our houses which looks just perfect at every minute of the day. Or if you don’t have one, you can always make one! Botanical accent walls could be everything you want it to be, add posters, pictures, pressed greens, wallpapers, or anything that surrounds plants and you’ll have a picture-perfect accent wall. Here are some inspirations.

Textiles, walls and botany

If you think you cannot do any form of plants, I’ve a solution for you. Textiles could also help you give that punch your room. Try using beddings, cushion covers, carpets, curtains that have green or floral prints on them. Be dramatic with your choices to get that balance in your room. Try using these elements in a different form; Wallpapers or you can make your own mural!


Without a doubt, houseplants in your room give it an aesthetic advantage. They look good with any color wall, cream, white, black, red, it goes with all. Try filling in the blank spaces with plants rather than with furniture. Invest in good quality planters, they really change the entire vibe of your room. If you are someone who likes minimalist living, even a single plant in your room wouldn’t harm the look. Let it look natural but well planned.

Fake it till you make it!

If you think you’re a plant killer, you can always go for fake ones. Fake bamboo trees, palm trees also give your room the same look. You could also try adding these to your bathroom if it doesn’t receive enough light for a plant to survive. You could also try using these fake leaves or flowers on your accent wall by framing them.

Add wood if not plants:

Adding elements of wood to your room could also enhance the look. You could try a bedside tree stump table, try hanging a fancy chopping board, wooden shelving or try hanging a wooden trunk from the ceiling with lights or more plants hanging off it. One of the items on my bucket list has been a 4 tree-trunk posted bed. Do not worry if your furniture is shabby, plan your wood accordingly.

Not necessary to be green:

One of best things I love about this style is it doesn’t always have to be green. You can try a black and cream combination, shades of blue, reds, etc. Whatever goes with your personality, go ahead and experiment!

I would definitely recommend giving your room a makeover or even small changes at a time with these budget friendly styles. Taking care of houseplants has proven to be therapeutic to a lot of people. Not only do they make your room look better, it polishes your lifestyle. If you feel you are not someone who cares much about interiors, etc. what’s the harm in experimenting? One should never leave any stone unturned. Let us know in the comments how you use houseplants in giving your room that “oomph factor”!

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